Absa Hijab & Abaya Shampoo


Abayas are traditionally worn by women in the Middle Eastern countries. The beautiful attire usually comes in a single color with decorative elements. While wearing it is easy, the challenging part is washing it. Any discoloration or texture damage will be very obvious as it is a large single piece of clothing.

Absa Abaya Wash is a mild wash designed exclusively for Abayas. It ensures that the fabric remains intact by reducing damages to individual fibers. Special color lock ingredients makes the cloth resist discoloration even after multiple washes.

While the wash is mild, it is capable of removing dirt and stains while providing a fresh fragrance to the garment. Absa Abaya wash is also the first halal certified wash for Abayas.

Provide your favorite clothes the special care they require. Choose Absa. Choose fresh and bright clothes.