Absa Lingerie Wash


Ironically, the clothes that we spend the most time in are the ones we care the least while washing. Yes, we are talking about your innerwear.

Lingerie includes bras, panties etc. They are usually made of delicate materials like lace, silk, satin or nylon. They come in close contact with your body for most part of the day. It is important to clean them the right way.

Absa Lingerie Wash is a revolutionary product when it comes to washing your innerwear. It's free of harsh chemicals and bleach that damage the soft materials. It is also pH balanced to avoid skin irritations and allergies.

Absa Lingerie wash also contains fabric care particles that sustain the elasticity of the clothes and minimize stretching.

Keep your lingerie clean and fresh while maintaining the perfect fit with the new Absa Lingerie Wash.