Absa Saree Wash


With vivid colors, intricate weaves and delicate material, each saree is a piece of art. And we often have memories associated with each one - the first saree gifted by parents, the one worn for sister's wedding etc. But how do we treat them? By using the same harsh everyday detergent to wash them! And this interaction with chemicals damage and discolor them over time. Their beauty and our memories are lost forever.

Sarees deserve better. That's why we created the Absa Saree Wash - a product exclusively designed to wash sarees with the care and love they require. It contains special fabric care particles, softeners and enzymes to protect materials like silk, cotton and chiffon from detergent damage. Along with removing dirt and stains, it minimizes corrosion and damages to texture.

Sarees should be gently washed by hand in cool water using Absa Saree Wash to keep them safe, fresh and clean. Protect your valuable attire and hold on to your precious memories with Absa Saree Wash.